Precious Gifts, seem worthless

1385083_10152484865737355_371205109_nWe commonly give gifts, very special gifts for our beloved ones. We may give our own hearts when we fall in love before we give our time and money. There is a book called “The Lost for Life” in which I can explain more the matter, I am talking about. Vincent, the main character of the book, didn’t give only his heart and time for the one he fall in love. He burned his palm to show how much he loves her. However, the girl was good for nothing potato. How much her lover burned his palm and she smelt the roasted flesh, she gave him deaf ear for his love. She really couldn’t understand to notice the cost that was paid for a real love. Sometimes a costly gift is nothing for an undeserved person.

There is a palace in India, built on a lake that a number of tourists go to often to visit.  What makes me surprise about the palace is not because of it is built on the water, but it is a gift to a dearest queen.

The black Afro-American Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life for the freedom of the black people who had been suffering from slavery. The African freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela had passed almost half of his age in the Robin Island prison. He was in a cage for 27 years. Mahatma Gandhi gave his precious time for his people to make them free from the British colony.

Jesus made himself empty, left his glory and gave his life on the cross for the sin of the entire world. We could escape from the eternal sin and death because of his death. Jesus is a great gift given to the whole world. We saw light because of him.

What would be your answer if you are asked what your precious gift is, a diamond ring,   a luxury car, or a home in a beach? If I am asked the same question, here is my answer, Gift that seem cheap but extraordinary valuable are the gifts that takes the main part of my life to be exist. Let me show you there things,

(to be continued . . . )

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