Her Big Brother (A Short Story Based on A True Happening)

(Dawit Worku)

Ethiopian Children

Ethiopian Children

Helen graduated from a private University in Accounting with BA degree. Holding her documents, she looked for a job dawn to tusk. However, she searched till feeling exhausted, no one could call her for a job.

Her big brother works in a governmental organization as a Manager. Using his authority, he did  favor for lots job seekers, but for her.

“your brother is always there for multitudes, but why for you?” she became puzzle for people around her.

“Why don’t you look for me a job in the organization where you are working?” she asked her brother.

“Because you are my sister”

She didn’t understand.

“You see according to the new law, it is strictly forbidden to employee one who got the same blood relationship in the same organization”

“I went a lot of places, but they all need work experience, Then, what shall i do?”

“God knows”

“what if I get a forged experience?”

“a forged work experience?” he laughed loudly.

“No!” .

“Why not, no one is borne with a work experience”

“I said no!”

“Are you saying it’s better to be idle for me with a BA degree?”

“I think so. It’s better to be idle than getting a job with a forged work experience.”

“Don’t you care for the money, you invested on me?”

They couldn’t come to agreement.

Helen, after completing high school, her grade was too small to college. Therefore, as many Ethiopian women, she wanted to go to Arab countries to generate money being a maid servant. However, her big brother insisted her to join to a private college in extension program.  Though, the time is too long since she completed high school, had no moral to pick her pen up again, she changed her mind and joined collage only for the sake of her big brother.

“I earned degree but no job for two years. The whole money, you expend was for vain”

“Don’t be despaired Helen, let you have patience”

“How could I? . . . I don’t want to burden on you. I want to lead my own life. ”

There was no organization that she didn’t submit her CV and documents, and no door that she didn’t knock at. Finally, she despaired; she tired of being helped.

She got passport to Arab countries. Meanwhile, her cell phone rung one day, it was called from a private organization that she had submitted her CV’s. She went and made an interview which was very difficult. Again they called her for written exam, and she took it, which was too hard to work out.

She cursed her fortune. However, they called her for the third time and surprised her she already passed for the job. She didn’t believe them. She checked her ear’s health. She called to her big brother and told the news.

He said, “I said you have to have patience”

She completed her one year contract.

The Manager, sitting in his luxury sofa, smiling at Ms Helen who is sitting uncomfortably, “You Contract is over. However, we  are so happy in your  work and wanted to promote your post including increasing your salary”

“Thank you very much sir”

“you are welcome, and beside that from now on we are the one who pay your salary”

“you mean the one? . . . who were paying my salary for the last 12 consecutive months?”

“your brother”

“what??” she shocked.

“It was your brother who were paying your salary for the last year.”

“How it could be?”

“making short the long story,  it was too difficult to hire you for us as you are inexperienced and low CGPA. However, your brother asked us he would pay your salary through us,  working for us.”

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