The Game Is Over, You Are The Winner!

263495_2527232036430_827306396_nWhether you know or not,  you are living in the world which is already defeated and lost its power. .  Whether you know or not, you are not only one of the winners, but also you are above of all the winners.

I never forget what a friend of mine told me the other day a good example regarding the issue, I’ve raised.

He said, “In a foot ball game, there is a big difference between watching a game for the first time, and watching the same game for the second time. When you watch for the first time, you are very curious to know who will be the winner. But, when you watch for the second time that the same game, you will never expect who will be the winner. Because you already knew who the winner was.”

Life is just like the foot ball game, you already watched. However, so many people seem they never knew who the winner is and they themselves also are the winner.

2000 years ago there was a life game between man and Satan. The man was delegated by Jesus and Satan was delegated by death. The game was taking place on a cross. The whole world was watching the game expecting what would be happened after a few minutes past.  Except a few Jesus’ followers, most people s were sure that Jesus would be defeated.

Soon after the end of the battle, Jesus died on the cross.His followers despised and thought everything was the end of the world.  However, Jesus overcame the power of the death and rose from death in the third day.  Not only he rose from the death but also he went to His Father where he was before. And He is always alive to for you and for me. If you believe He is the Son of God, you will know the winner and will be the winner.

Dawit Worku

May 2013

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