The downcast Girl

photo credit, FACEBOOK

photo credit, FACEBOOK

Somebody was calling my name while I was coming from a church on Sunday afternoon. She was Beersheba, the beautiful girl in my choir. I felt joy in the Surrounded of my body.

“You are always in harried” she said shaking my hand. Oh how soft her hand was!

“Yeah, I don’t like to stay after the end of the sermon” I said respectfully.

“Can you tell me why?” she asked me.

“May be I don’t have anything to do in the church”

We talked a lot, especially about our personal life. She was only 17, living with her family. When we reached the place where we separate each other, she said, “I want to invite you to my home, what if we meet tomorrow?”

“Oh I like that” I said curiously.

She gave me the address of her place.

That night, I was in some planet thinking about tomorrow’s meeting with the gorgeous girl Beersheba. I hadn’t appetite to have a dinner.

I got myself knocking Beersheba’s door the next day. Beersheba opened the door. Her big eyes looked like a tomato juice; her thick and long hair was messed up, and  a thick black cloud covered her cheerful face.

“Hey Beersheba, what’s happened to you?” I asked her

With deadly smile, and letting me to come in to the big entrance, she replied, “I’ve got a head ache”

“Any sickness doesn’t work in the borne again Christians life. Our sickness is hanged with Jesus on the cross ” I said entering her compound.

She took me to a place where full of luxury furniture and goods. I sunk on one of the big sofas,  and she sat on in front of me. Sharing her feeling, I calmed for a while. My eyes went to her chest without my permission and saw her breasts that seemed to be shooting. This time, as if I did sin, I made my head down. Beersheba was lost in her thinking. She seemed not suffering with a head ache.

“I am sorry Beersheba meeting you in such a mood.” I said looking at her unhappy eyes. “I think not you got a head ache, but something has broken your heart ” I added trying to be like a psychiatrist. However, she did say nothing.

“Cast away your worries on Jesus ; let be cut off from you that makes you worry;  I know what I think about you, the thought of peace and hope; look the sky of birds they don’t saw, they don’t reap, they don’t put in a store, but your heavenly father feed them; So don’t you think you are greater than the sky birds?,” says the Bible  I told her each and every Biblical quotation that I know. However I tried much to take away from her feeling, I couldn’t out her from her feeling.

When I tried to find out what made her like this, I thought she might be in love. I was sure she fall in love with somebody else.  So does the word of God have any solution for such a person?

to be continued . . .

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