7 points to resist gum noice

ImageIncluding me, several people hate gums blast. Last time I was in National theater watching a theater called “Topaz”. The lady who sat next to me was a nonstop blasting gum. I couldn’t grab my attention and watch the theater.  Therefore, I had to take some action, and I wanted to tell her to stop to blast the gum. However, she was an old woman, and I troubled to give her some  comment.  Thus, I had to tried to ignore her blasting gum and  gave attention to the theater.  However I was feeling that  my patience has came to its limit.  Finally, I took courage and told respectfully to stop blasting her gum.

This time, she shocked and responded a fast action, shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaae spited her gum. Actually it wasn’t my desire she spit her gum but  to stop the noise.

What happened to me this morning while I was going to work also the same thing.  I usually like reading a book in a taxi whenever I go to my work. The girl who sat beside me in the mini bus taxi was blasting a gum . I couldn’t read my book.

Therefore, I obliged to jot down some seven points for people who share my problem.

Whenever you are in a minibus taxi, you can resist gum blasting if you take one of the following seven points.

  1. Take out your mobile phone, plug a head phone and try to listen to music or radio.
  2. If you don’t have a mobile phone that has FM radio, try to convince yourself as if you like the blasting gum.
  3. If solution #2 does not work, try to tell her to stop making her noise respectfully.
  4. If she ignore your comment, try to change your place to any unreserved place in the taxi;
  5. If there is no unreserved place in the taxi, try to tell to the conductor or “Woyala” to get out the woman from the taxi.
  6. If that doesn’t work, try to promise to the conductor to pay the whole day income or “Jornata” of the taxi and get rid of the noisy woman.
  7. If the above six points never work, try to fart respectfully, and you will see an instantaneous result.  She will spit her gum quickly. I think this one is a wonderful solution.  . . . 😀

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