My little snow Lumb

One day, when  I was a grade 1 student,  My father bought  for me a

white lamb. I had no word the love I had towards the little snow lamb.  After school, and before I have supper, I always used to take it  the near by forest to feed it some grass .

My little snow lamb became a big sheep and my father looked at it in a different eye.

One day, after school, as usual, I wanted to take the sheep to the near by forest. However, my little white sheep was no more in the barn. I looked for it in different places but, the sheep was no where in the planet.

I asked my step mom whether she saw it or not and he said, “no, I haven’t seen your sheep”.

The night came, but not my snow-white sheep. I worried a lot and felt sad as if I lost my brother or sister or some body I love. Thinking it might lost somewhere in the forest, I determined to find it by the next day .

In the evening my step mom gave me a delicious roasted meat dinner. I had my diner with difficulty and went to bed.   Thinking where could my sheep in the world  be , I could sleep hardly that night. I promised to myself, I would never go to school until I find my  sheep. This time, when my dad learned that I had determined not to go to school unless I find my sheep, trying to escape from my interpretive eyes, he told me that he slaughtered the white sheep and  asked me a big mercy for his crime.

I cried a lot and no one could stop me. NO ONE. I hated my Dad because he killed my friend, the innocent creature. I hate my step mom, because she was in the plot with my dad. I hated myself, because I ate my dearest white sheep’s meat.

I couldn’t know why  he  wanted to such a big crime since  he could buy meat from a butchery.

Dawit Worku


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

2 thoughts on “My little snow Lumb

  1. why did he kill your sheep? didnt he have money to buy other meat? or is this just a story to make a point? sad really. I guess if he had told you the meat on the table was your sheep you would of been unable to eat it?

  2. O yeah, I don’t think so, he had money and could buy meat from the near by butchery. However, I still didn’t know why he chose to slaughter my sheep. I may have to ask him. 🙂

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