The Innocence personality ever

Ethiopian Children

Ethiopian Children

Whenever I remember about my childhood, my eyes fill with tear, and I want to throw myself to the yesterday river that was already passed and never be back again. My childhood was full of cheerfulness, simplicity and blamelessness.   If it is possible, I would be happy to undo those days, full of love and affectionate. It was the best of best all my days that I never able to back.

I was a kind of fat boy with big Ethiopian eyes, and “afro” hair style. I had a short pair of pants called “Kumta”and  T-shirt called “Kanatera”.  I had two friends called Sintayehu and Michael the “Killis”.

Michael was a half cast boy. His father Signor Mario was from Italy and his mother Weyzero Tsehay, was an Ethiopian. Signor Mario was a very renowned and talented Mechanic. There was no car that he send it back with its sickness  once touched by his strong hands. Signor Mario used to send three of us to buy him Areke, the local alcohol drink. Without Areke, he can’t even walk a step, say the villagers. Signor Mario was a very old man in his eighties. But he was very strong; specially, when he drinks Areke. The more he drinks Areke, the more he gets strength.

His wife Weyzero Tsehay was a very black woman. Her color was so different from the other of Ethiopian woman who had brown color. She was so beautiful with big eyes and long hair. Most of the villagers used to call her, yetikur konjo meaning, a gorgeous black woman. Their son Michael, took much of genetic from his father side and he was white, but not like his father. Therefore, we,         the village kids, used to call him killis, meaning half cast.

We, three of us used to go to the nearby forest and play abarosh, lebana police dibibikosh and the like.   We also play foot ball. The ball was made from a lot of plastics, piece of clothes and sock. During rainy season the ball would suck water and we play hardly.

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