Precious Gifts, seem worthless

We commonly give gifts, very special gifts for our beloved ones. We may give our own hearts when we fall in love before we give our time and money. There is a book called “The Lost for Life” in which I can explain more the matter, I am talking about. Vincent, the main character of … Continue reading

The Neglected Truth

By Dawit Worku Have you ever thought God wants to live in us? . . . you may say how could the Almighty God wants to live in us since He is too big and we are too small, or how could God wants to live in us since He is righteous and we are … Continue reading

The downcast Girl

Somebody was calling my name while I was coming from a church on Sunday afternoon. She was Beersheba, the beautiful girl in my choir. I felt joy in the Surrounded of my body. “You are always in harried” she said shaking my hand. Oh how soft her hand was! “Yeah, I don’t like to stay after the … Continue reading

The Lovers plan

However, the two lovers meet in different cafes and restaurants three times a week, their love that grows from day to day  was in need of much time. So that they decided to meet everyday. However, they couldn’t afford the cafes and restaurants charge for the cake and juice. They had to find some solution. … Continue reading

7 points to resist gum noice

Including me, several people hate gums blast. Last time I was in National theater watching a theater called “Topaz”. The lady who sat next to me was a nonstop blasting gum. I couldn’t grab my attention and watch the theater.  Therefore, I had to take some action, and I wanted to tell her to stop to blast the gum. However, she was an old … Continue reading

The war I never forget

Soon after the Mengistu Hailemariam’s administration had over in Ethiopia, Tepy, the small town stayed  stateless for a while with full of some war-returned Mengistu H.Mariam’s Soldiers, who still had  weapons in their hands.  Soon after the expelled of the the EWP members, some group of Islamic militants controlled The Ethiopian Workers Party office and changed Ethiopian … Continue reading

My little snow Lumb

One day, when  I was a grade 1 student,  My father bought  for me a white lamb. I had no word the love I had towards the little snow lamb.  After school, and before I have supper, I always used to take it  the near by forest to feed it some grass . My little snow lamb … Continue reading